“Good health brings an individual freedom few people realize until they no longer have it.”

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What We Offer You

  • A comprehensive collection of researched nutritional facts
  • A practical approach to obtaining adequate nutrients which humans require to sustain good health
  • Nutritional advice from an academically qualified nutritional researcher.
  • Nutritional programs for specific human diseases using a unique combination of recommended foods and specific nutritional supplements
  • A 'Preventative Maintenance' nutritional program providing the necessary nutrients to sustain the human body
  • Nutritious foods to enjoy and foods to avoid!
  • Recommended nutritional tests from your doctor and from private nutritional testing laboratories to obtain your 'Nutritional Status'
  • An honest intention to restore and sustain human health
  • Nutritional supplements which are affordable and cost-effective

What We Don't Offer You

  • We don't diagnose human diseases!
  • We don't recommend expensive, poor quality nutritional supplement products with large advertising budgets.
  • We don't make any commission, profit or gain from any specific nutritional supplement product which we recommend.
  • We don't sell any nutritional supplement products.
  • We don't discriminate anyone from accessing our nutritional programs, so we keep our prices affordable.
  • We don't do recipes, we're not chefs.

The nutritional programs within this website are NOT intended for individuals who are currently taking medical drugs for human disease and/or health concern. The reason for this is because of the dangerous and complex interactions some nutritional supplements may have on the intended actions of medical drugs which have been prescribed by a medical professional. However, you do have the option of asking your doctors for permission to partake in any of our nutritional programs regarding your health concern should your doctor consider it safe to abstain from taking medical drugs for the duration of our nutritional programs. We don't get involved in making or trying to influence this decision.

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